Tracy comes to Amber from deep in Shadow. Her father Antonio, a member of Pathi's Academy of Glass, died during the Black Road conflict there. Tracy was retrieved from Shadow by Dominic, and settled well into life around Amber. She was accepted into the Pathi Academy of Brass, and has completed her formal studies.

Tracy visited Lyonesse, and ended up as a guest at Tor Melwas in Ascolat. While officially a guest of Mordred, the Marquis, her positive influence upon the otherwise dark castle and its Marquis was undeniable. The people of region began to call her the 'Red Lady of Ascolat', a term of affection. After a short engagement, Tracy awoke one morning to discover that her fiance had left her. Mordred also left legal documents giving her full deed and titles to Ascolat, now as Marchioness.

Tracy, along with Sir Harold and Baroness Izett successfully raised the great Tower of Dralmir from the depths of a black pit in Albion. She intends to research the Tower, its origins, and perhaps even the source of its descent into darkness.

In the mean time, the Marchioness is both single and eligible. Whether she is interested and available are other matters entirely.

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