elwes.jpg Taran is the eldest son of Princess Clarine, High Lady of Benoic, one of the many sunken kingdoms of Lyonesse, and Baron Earhardt Solaris, brother of Beatrice. Not yet past his first century, he was once a member of the Order of the Graal but is now the Red Knight.


Taran is serious, solemn to the point of being dour, and extremely driven. Defined by his vows as a Graal Knight, and wholly dedicated to the chivalric ideal, Taran has rarely if ever showed so much as a qualm in the face of any danger, be it a person, a monster, or even a Prince of Amber. He has a fairly far reaching reputation for being a judgmental man, prone to making decisions based on whatever information he might happen to have at the time. Those closest know that few of those judgments are carved in stone. Taran, as a Graal Knight and now as the Red Knight, lives in perpetual quest for truth and justice, and one can't get far in such a quest without being willing to revise a few opinions.

The Red Knight

Taran was Chosen to be the Red Knight of the Chromatic Order, and as such holds authority equal to any other Chromatic Knight and somewhat more than the authority granted by a knight of a lesser Order of Lyonesse. That said, his given role is one viewed with wary respect where it is understood, for the Red Knight is the keeper of the land's will to war and desire for conflict. It is the right and duty of the Red Knight to wage war in the cause of right, for the good of Lyonesse, and only the judgment of the Gray Knight may supercede his own in the matter.


At least, the goals he's admitted to so far…

  • Restoring all the lands of Lyonesse to their former glory. If that means raising a bunch of them off the sea floor and rinsing them off, so be it.
  • Obliterating the Black Knights as a power in Lyonesse
  • Cleansing the necromancer's Blight from the lands

The Roll of Deeds

It is important to note that Taran himself may well claim none of these deeds unless it is to confirm a factual state. Knowledge of them is therefore OOC unless one happened to be there, or has heard someone else speak of the tale. In, more or less, chronological order - Time being the tricky thing it is in Shadow…

  • Carried the Graal from Banyan to Lyonesse, and set it in its rightful place.
  • Rescued, with Sir Owen, a Lyonne Baroness from an ogre, gaining the epithet Ogre's Bane
  • Cleansed a ruin in Argent Meadows of trolls, along with Sir Harold
  • Rescued a village in Kitzeh from a giant boar-like monster dubbed 'Three-Tusk'
  • Liberated several northern villages from the depredations of Cern's wildmen
  • Restored several tomes of ancient lore, concerning the Chromatic Order, to the rulers of the kingdoms of Lyonesse and to the Order of the Graal.
  • Led forces in the liberation of Cuchlia from forces of the Black Knights
  • Aided in driving invadors from the isle of Dunst
  • Defeated the god Cern in single combat, wresting from him the Spear of Destiny
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