This wiki is the home of Lyonesse, a Golden Circle realm in the MUSH, Road to Amber. Feel free to start by checking the main wiki's entry on Lyonesse.

Lyonesse is a place sunk beneath the waves. Once a place of kings, knights, wrongs righted and heroes forged - it has now fallen to great tragedy beneath the murky and dangerous waters. But its people are proud, still, and strong. Many who survived left for other points in shadow. Some landed within Amber, into the slum now known as New Lyonesse. Some departed their sinking lands, swearing not to return without a cure to the ills that plagued them. Some small few remained on the lands fortunate enough to remain above water.

The Graal Knights journey from Monsalvat across shadow, pursuing the Quest Perilous in the name of the Graal. The Black Knights seek to undo their deeds: they corrupt, dominate and destroy whatever good they touch. Beneath the waves, a darkness lurks. There is no name for the horror which lies there, as much as there is no price to be placed upon what has drowned within the Deeps.

The past of Lyonesse shines like a beacon to those who remember. The present is bleak and harsh. But the future is endless in possibility for one brave enough to grasp it.

Welcome to Lyonesse.

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