There are several destinations of note along the shadowpath which stretches from Amber to Lyonesse:

First is the land of Lohegrin, home to an ancient castle where it is said King Oberon proclaimed he would create the shadowpaths. It has been recently resettled, and lies under the fledgling reign of King Grein. It is rumoured that the castle opens its doors to any who wish to rest for a night as they travel along the shadowpath. All guests, however, are given this hospitality only in exchange for a tale(or a song) of their own telling.

Second is the green isle of Loch Lahore, which is home to the seer Maegwyn.

Third is the Island of Shepherd, near to the Isle of Noole.

Finally is the land of Dunst, where a tournament is held - attracting aspiring knights from Lyonesse and near shadows to compete under the gentle leave and beauteous countenance of the Lady of the Lists. Dunst is truly a fairytale place, where the grass is green, the birds sing, and occasionally woodland creatures giggle, romp and talk about the beautiful weather.

The shadowpath was formed ages ago by King Oberon. However, it was damaged after the deluge. Its repair was facilitated mainly by Liam, Dominic and Malachi.

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