Player Info

This page is kept here to inform players of various OOC information regarding the Lyonesse prop.

Building In Lyonesse

Building in Lyonesse is primarily done by linking player-built rooms. For information about linking, see +help link in-game. Before building, please browse the building tutorial here, and see +help building in-game. Please use #6209 as your Lyonesse build parent - that is for any room which is placed in Lyonesse proper.

If you have specific requests for Lyonesse building apart from personal rooms, please contact the propco regarding the request.

Lyonesse-Oriented Gifts

None of these gifts are mandatory, but many are central to the theme of Lyonesse. As always, players should feel free to choose the gifts and character sheet they want.


Blood of Lyonesse
Runes and Rituals
Black Knight
Knight of the Graal
Quest Perilous
Unhallowed Shadows

Honor Survives When All Else Falls
Druidic initiation
The Black Knight
Fight in defense of the Graal
Quest through the shadows
Transit through darkness

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