Parthain was a kingdom of Lyonesse before the Downfall, one of many that sank beneath the waves. As it was largely an inland realm, there were comparatively few survivors. All that remains are a few small scattered islands that were once the tops of the kingdom's highest peaks.

Before the seas rose, Parthain and its ruling House of Essex were loyal vassals of the High King and strong allies of Amber, riding to war with the One City on a number of occasions. Although most famed for their knights, as so many of Lyonesse's kingdoms are or were, the archers of Parthain were also highly sought after in warfare.

Parthain is loosely based on a romanticized England during the early Plantagenet era. Due to the betrayal and murder of the local Robin Hood analogue, however, the Parthain version of Richard the Lion-Heart died in prison rather than returning triumphantly to his realm.

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