Taken from Nineve's +finger info in RTA:

Nineve has been a rather odd fixture about Amber for some time. Though early in her stay, her Lyonesse accent was rather thick, it now only reflects upon a few of her words. She's called Amber home for well over 200 years when she was knighted by her patron before his extended disappearance. Since then, she's tried to serve the royal family to the best of her abilities. Only in the last few months has she been absent. Mostly due to an incident that occurred in the lands of Cannaugh in Lyonesse. The young woman left and returned with her pet falcon in tow. Though she rarely talks of what happened during that trip, there are some who have begun to either realize or been told.

Things that one might know of the name Cannaugh is that they have exceptional breweries. That after the dishevel of Lyoness, her family fell back to such exports to rebuild a connection with its fellow Golden Circle lands.

Currently, she's taken up a position with the Knight's of Oisen under the direction of Knight Commander Kincaid. For those that are from Lyoness, they may have heard whisperings of her brother's death and the events about it. Also of her current dilemma involving the future of what little remains of Lyonesse and her family's lands.


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