New Lyonesse

The following entry is the in-game description of the shantytown within Amber's Lower City - known as New Lyonesse:

When a large portion of Lyonesse sank into the sea over a century ago, many of the refugees came to Amber City and settled in this quarter of the city below. In the shadow of the cliff, they built a shantytown, a crazy maze of precariously-constructed buildings that pathetically try to evoke something of the grand chivalric castles and storybook architecture of Lyonesse. Shacks, yes, but shacks with sagging arches, shacks with sad little turrets, shacks with decorative edging of cracked brick. Life here might be nasty, brutish, and short, and yet something of the old Lyonesse dignity cannot be entirely extinguished.

The reality of New Lyonesse is one of a clash of cultures, violence, poverty and reminiscence of an age now drowned. Lesser nobility with nowhere to turn, as well as the teeming masses of peasant refugees dwell here. Gangs rule New Lyonesse for the most part. The essential dichotomy is that of the conservative groups who keep alive, and often enforce, the spirit of Old Lyonesse, now lost beneath the waves - and the newer breed, who have never known its glory. The newer breed are less interested in the losses of the past. Many have turned to a cornucopia of illegal activities in order to carve out their place in the world. The tension between the two main groups is palpable, and constant. Skirmishes between the Old Worlders and the New are common, and occasionally quite serious.

Of late, some of the residents of New Lyonesse have been persuaded to colonize Marazion, although the colony enjoys at best lukewarm support from the shantytown's residents as a group.

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