"Mordred," curved upon the lips of those men who sought the source for the unraveling of the world as if the word "Mordred" were an eel that wriggled and slithered along the tongue, many grimaced as the name was spoken. He was known to be unnatural; a demon; a spirit of malevolence rising from the miasma; some believed him to be a creature of the night, drinking the blood of youths; still, others remembered his mother, and how she had turned to darkness and raised her son in shadow.
"Mordred, Bastard Son" by Douglas Clegg

Like that shadow of him that resides in so many Arthurian shadows, Mordred is often blamed for any of the great misfortunes of those around him or the land in which he dwells. He is a dark and brooding presence, prone to murderous rages, senseless babbling, and great vision. He is the son of Deirdre of Amber and Lord Belford, former Marquess of Ascolat. His brothers number Owen, Knight of the Graal, and Liam, troubadour of everywhere. Mordred is probably the oldest living man in Lyonesse and founder of the Order of Black Knights. Or so rumor has it.

Recently, it is said that the dark castle of Ascolat has been brightening steadily. Some say this is due to the presence of a woman claiming to be Mordred's intended. She goes by the name of Tracy.


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