The Duchy of Marazion is a recently-established settlement located near the coast of a Shadow similar, though not identical, to Lyonesse before the rising of the seas. It was originally located by Benedict, and, at the time, was inhabited by numerous small tribes of barbarians. Following its discovery, the Shadow was targeted by Beatrice and Miranda as a possible destination for residents of New Lyonesse who were willing to take the chance of voyaging to a distant wilderness in exchange for land and (ostensibly) independence from Amber.

As of early March 2010, OOC time, a first group of settlers has reached the Shadow and constructed a settlement that presently consists of a motte and bailey surrounded by a small village and, beyond, a gradually expanding ring of farmland as the forest is cleared by settlers. The settlement has been rather grandiosely titled the "Duchy of Marazion" in commemoration of the name the original inhabitants had for their land; it is unclear whether there is an actual Duke, or whether "Duchy" is just a term of convenience.

Although previous expeditions allied with one of the local tribes to aid them in wiping out the others, none of the barbarians have been seen in significant numbers since the arrival of the settlers, and the known locations of their camps were found to be abandoned and empty.

The settled area of Marazion is a coastal area in what would be the latitudinal equivalent of Alsace-Lorraine or southern Germany vis-a-vis the original geography of Lyonesse. The area surrounding the original landfall is heavily forested and tends to be rainy and somewhat damp; although there are no native civilizations that appear capable of having constructed them, ruins are sometimes found of large stone buildings and fortifications that would not have looked out of place in the golden age of Lyonesse.

Note that, although the journey through Shadow to Marazion has often been depicted as particularly difficult and dangerous, this is primarily an artifact of Miranda's particular method of Shadow travel, rather than something peculiar to this particular location.

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