Isolde is the daughter of Lyonesse and Mandrake lines. Her druid mother raised her in the forests of Albion before the Deluge. She grew to become a druid in her own right while also traveling between the Shadows to spend time with her herbalist Mandrake father. She would eventually grow to become a druid in her own right and claim her own grove there.

When the Deluge came, her grove was lost to her. When Albion was raised and corrupted, so was her grove, and so was she. Now, she is a very different kind of druid. She often looks ill or sickly despite her actions and Mandrake blood. She reflects this in the beasts she raises and her views on nature and the life cycle. She is changed.

She travels with a dire warg she lovingly calls Boesa that most others just call disgusting. Of late, she has left her grove behind in search of Dragons. To what end, one can't be certain, but it's uncomfortable footing.

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