Gwendolyn is the daughter of a Lyonesse king, Alain, whose kingdom sunk beneath the waves during the Flood, and is princess Llewella's granddaughter. She was born 20 years before the flood, in Albion, her father's kingdom.

The flood resulted in her father's disappearance, but her and her mother were able to make it safely to Cuchlia, where they spent time, recovering and helping others recover. It was somewhere during this time that she became a Knight, taking her duties - and chivalry - very seriously. More seriously, some say, than those given to her by being her father's daughter.

She's recently come to Amber to meet her grandmother and the rest of both her Amberite and Rebman side of the family.

Aside from the skills required of all knights, Gwendolyn is said to be a skilled blacksmith, one who can make the famed armors of her home shadow.

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