Portrayed By Amanda Swafford
Gender Female
Date of Birth A bit over a century ago, specifics unknown
Apparent Age 21
Aliases Guin
Place of Birth New Lyonesse
Occupation Lady's Maid
Known Relatives Gran (Grandmother, name unknown, deceased)
Significant Other N/A
Website Guin's LiveJournal


Busybodies in New Lyonesse would know that Guinevere is an orphan. Most would not only because there is no reason to take interest in this nobody without a family or even a family name. Her father may have died or may have left her mother while pregnant. Her mother died in childbirth. Her only caregiver and known family member was a demented old grandmother, who recently passed away as well. She has spent most of her young life on the verge of starvation, eating out of the trash and learning to survive as a street rat.

Not long ago, she was seen spending time with some of the nobility of Amber. The skinny woman even managed to obtain several new dresses, making her a potential target for local thugs when she would walk home from one of her upper-class engagements. Those who know her and saw her around would note that she spent much time talking to other New Lyonnes about potentially inhabiting the newly raised areas of Lyonesse… once they are cleared of zombies. Others without parents who refuse to live in orphanages or have simply run away from home adore her, as she brought them food on the rooftops and in the back alleys by the dead of night.

A few months ago, she became the lady's maid to Lady Izett, Baroness of Argent Meadows in Monsalvat. Part of the employment negotiations included the transfer and adoption of several dozen New Lyonesse orphans who depended upon Guin into homes in the barony, to take place over the course of no more than one year. It is no secret she has had an extremely difficult time adjusting to her new world of political innuendo and implication with ever word or action (or lack thereof). She and the Baroness have been at odds more often than not, with the maid clearly confused as to why she is being reprimanded or punished most times. Although she gets along rather well with the other servants and any commoners she speaks with, her relationship with the Baroness and some other nobility is clearly strained.

Known Allies and Friends

Known Enemies

  • Guin has no known enemies at this time, although there is no hiding the mutual silence and avoidance between her and Sir Taran.


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