The people of Lyonesse Above are fractious - clinging to old ways and creating new ones. Often this does not lead to unity but an insurmountable diversity. What follows is a listing only of a few organizations within Lyonesse Above. There are scores of knightly orders, hundreds of fiefs, and each man woman and child seems to cling to their own version of history.

Black Knights

Those archetypal villains who deal in corruption and evil; they profane the honorable title of Knight.
Igraine, Mordred, Tariq

Knights of the Graal

An order in Lyonesse Above, found in Monsalvat. Their sacred Graal is returned, but the order was much diminished from its loss.
Arjun, Bercilak, Harold, Owen, Taran

Knights of the Order of Chrysoaspides

A legendary band of knights from the distant past, said to have perished in their attempt to conquer the Kingdom of the Sun in the High King's name.

The Chromatic Order

Rumour and legend surrounding this order have been fortified by the recent discovery of ancient texts describing the order. It was said to be a loose confederation of peers who banded together against the gods of old, and stood for the benefit of all of Lyonesse.

The Druidic Tradition

While some druids exist in isolation, many congregate in "circles", communities of druids and those that follow their nature-bound traditions.

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