Duen: The Dark One

In the myth of Lyonesse, Duen is said to be cousin to Cern. He looked on in jealousy at Cern and Beira's frolicking. This pent up envy turned to rage, and corruption, and darkness. Many tales follow, of Duen's descent into evil.

It is said that before Duen, the night was short and sweet - but a respite from the glorious sun. Stories tell of a battle between Duen and Cern. As Duen fell to the Hunter, he cursed the sky. He took some of the light, and crafted from it a hideous darkness.

To speak Duen's name is considered the most bold entreatment of cursed luck imaginable. The Dark One, he is most often called, instead of his proper name. Many legends claim that the evil which lies in men's hearts is some part of Duen's bidding.

Many myths surrounding Duen exist. Some believe that Duen is the force behind the Black Knights. Some believe Duen was sealed into the spirit world, away from the realm of men.

While Duen is a god nearly forgotten, the tales of his folly and corruption are still told in the darkest of hours. Even grown men shiver at the thought of the Dark One, lurking amidst the night, whispering sickly sweet words into their hearts.

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