The Deluge

There was no warning, they say, when the Deluge came. Overnight, the seas swallowed up scores of kingdoms. Untold men, women, and children drowned in the horrifying event. But more than that, the pride and glory of Lyonesse sank beneath those waves. The Deluge left most of its survivors with nothing but memories, and the swords strapped to their side.

Some were fortunate enough to flee on ships and makeshift rafts - whatever could carry their weight over the tumultuous water. There are tales of great heroism: thrilling rescues, self-sacrifice, and bravery. But not all tales are so glorious. The highlands remained, but were full to the brim with refugees. People were turned away in droves. It was not often a peaceful thing. Amber welcomed refugees, but New Lyonesse became a horrible slum, rather than a shining beacon of hope.

Some say High King Mark's death brought on the deluge. Others claim it was a punishment for Lyonesse's pride, or the wrath of forgotten gods. In the end, there are more tales of why the Deluge came than there are survivors of it.

And now the waters still roll and crash against what little remains above them. And below, ever, a mysterious darkness lurks - often taking the lives of those foolish enough to venture below.

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