The County of Cuchlia remains from the Kingdom of Lathatch. It claimed to remain loyal to its lost King Brian. While alive, Count Stair maintained this claim staunchly - refusing fealty to any other.

Cuchlia is home to the mother of Sir Lucius of Karm, Lady Angelica Disapra of Cuchlia. Two of her sons resided there with her: Sepro and Munde, but are now deceased. Cuchlia possesses some small renown for its work to reclaim lost relics from the sea - a pursuit which has claimed Lady Angelica's husband: Lord Aspiro of Karm.

Recent events have seen Cuchlia devastated. First, it was assailed by a sea creature, and simultaneously assaulted by a legion of women, led by Mordred, all of whom possessed the visage of Miranda. The initial assualt saw Count Stair executed, as well as those of his line.

Armies led into Cuchlia have seen it freed once again, and Catriona appears to have adopted the role of Countess therein. During this battle, Lucius' brothers, Sepro and Munde, fell.

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