Chromatic Order

The Chromatic Order is the stuff of Lyonesse myth; indeed, so much so that their role in the history of Lyonesse is all but forgotten. What survives speaks of an order of knights that rose up and cast down the gods of Lyonesse, but of all the Order, only one Knight survived into the Age of High King Mark. Amfortas, the White Knight, and bearer of the Graal.

The Texts of Minos

The first discovered texts detailing the existence and role of the Chromatic Order were recovered by agents of Lyonesse from a Minosan island. These ancient books of lore - now preserved, copied, and distributed to the rulers of Lyonesse - revealed a shred of knowledge of the ancient and mysterious Chromatic Order.

The Chromatic Order was founded nearly two millennia ago. It was composed of knights dedicated to opposing the crushing oppression of the gods. In those times, the gods ruled the people of Lyonesse by whim and fancy. The Chromatic Order sought to assert the reign of man, and take the destiny of their land into their own hands. Some say the knights of this order were chosen by something greater, and each was given a special gift: an object of power. At times, the knights are referred to as something other than men - but forces of nature. The Black Knight had the Helm of Night, the Grey Knight the shield Defiance, the White Knight the Sacred Graal, the Red Knight the Spear of Destiny, the Green Knight the axe called Soul's Edge, and others.

The Order is said to have succeeded in their mission, and disbanded to care for the Lyonnes in their own ways. Their legend has waned in the minds and hearts of Lyonesse. Today, few are aware of their existence, identities or of any truth behind their order.

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