Cern: The Hunter

Cern's place in the myth of Lyonesse is one of complexity. His place is the forest. Early Lyonnes prayed to Cern for their bounty - whether it was from the field or the hunt. Naturally, Cern is also a god representing fertility. Historically, sightings of the Hunter have been in the woods - never close to signs of civilization. He is said to forever chase the questing beast: a snow-white stag. For this reason, Cern forbids interference with such a beast.

In most myths, Cern is represented as having antlers, or wearing a crown or helm fashioned from them. He is often cloaked, and bearing a silver torc. Vicious hounds are said to accompany him - some say they are wolves, still half-wild, and others claim they are ferocious hounds.

While often the Hunter is represented as a generous god, there are times when this is not the case. It is said that those who abuse his gifts and desecrate the land and its beasts are punished. In some cases, the Hunter is sometimes seen as a god of war and slaughter. Blood is his. Interpretations upon this aspect vary widely.

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