Sir Bercilak, Dukes Wealde and Cala of Albion, Knight of the Graal

Bercilak was born to the former Duke Wealde of Albion, before that great land sunk beneath the waves like so much of Lyonesse. Shortly after the Deluge that devastated the shadow, he left on a Quest to find a way to help his people, and has only recently returned. What has become known about him since is that he claims the title Duke Wealde from his father's passing, and longs to regain his familial lands, that he seeks a restoration of Lyonesse to its former glory, and possesses the ability to create crystals of varying form and function.

Bercilak has recently been appointed Duke Cala of Albion, after the efforts by the Graal Knights to liberate that land from the dead that walk its surface. The presence of the Black Knight Dame Blackmoor in Northern Albion has stymied his goal of regaining his ancestral lands, but that hasn't stopped him from publicly claiming both Duchies as his right and privilege.

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