Beira: The Mother

Beira is a goddess of many faces. She represents the cycle of life. In the spring she is the fairest maiden, in the fall she is a loving mother, and in the winter she is a bitter crone. Her realm is that of life, love, health and family. In times of old, her followers were healers, nurses and midwives.

Women were not her sole followers. Men often prayed to Beira for guidance in romance, family, and in the health of their loved ones. To praise Beira was to be loving, care for the elderly and to share wealth with others.

Beira is often associated with selflessness, generosity and kindness. While her nature is that of rebirth, this also includes death. The crone aspect is not a cruel one. It is an aspect of wisdom, knowledge, family and remembrance.

The seasons were said to belong to Beira. She brought spring, summer, fall, winter. Her power is transformative and giving. But, like all of the Old Gods, her influence has waned, and Lyonnes have turned away from their praise of her.

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