Scion of Solaris, wife of King Benedict of Amber, Duchess of Arden Pass, General in her own right.

Solaris in Lyonesse:

The minor House Solaris of Amber has always had a certain alignment of philosophy and outlook with old High Kings of Lyonesse and with those who served the Light throughout the old kingdom, holding tight to principles of honor, honesty and duty. Baron Godfrey, before he was baron, bought up a great deal of land on behalf of Solaris while he was the commodore of the Lyonesse flotilla on behalf of Amber's army. Shortly after, Earhart Solaris married an heiress of Benoic (of Lyonesse) and they established a residency in the high lands, where he looked after Solaris interests in the kingdom. Their son, Taran, has pursued studies to become a Graal knight.

Alas, nearly all the land sank beneath the waves when the seas rose… but Earhart and his wife Lady Clarine continue to maintain a presence in what remains.

Beatrice in Lyonesse:

Beatrice visited Lyonesse when she was young on an official baronial visit with her father and a delegation of Solarises visiting various kingdoms in friendship, including Albion and others. After that, she remained busy elsewhere (in Amber's army, fighting the black road, etc.)

Despite this, she has remained a notable supporter of the people of New Lyonesse in Amber, and is remembered there for wading in to fight bugs, to busy herself fortifying supplies, rebuilding defenses, putting her personal resources into the community, and for doing a great deal of work to strengthen emergency preparedness in New Lyonesse (and the rest of the Lower City.) She opened a school where several of the formerly-well-born slum rats of New Lyonesse have a chance to earn distinction and the life and education of gentlemen. She's also known to be somehow connected to Lady Miranda and the endeavor to settle the new homeland now called Marazion.

She did not have a chance to return to Lyonesse itself until she attended the tourney of Dunst on behalf of her husband, who had recently taken the throne of Amber. There she bore witness to the loss of the Graal and the beginning of the doom of the Graal knights. Shortly after, as the strength of the Graal knights waned, Beatrice made herself and her personal (not Amber's) army available to the Graal Knights and King Doriam, both of whom gladly accepted her help. She now has her army spread throughout Brentinor and Monsalvat, with more supplies and men (Black Sheep and others) pouring in to fortify their positions all the time.

With duties in Amber, Beatrice often travels back and forth between there and Lyonesse. She is known in the latter as an armor-clad figure, sometimes riding a horse, with spear, sword and owl always with her. Here she is known almost entirely as a General — one who maintains crack discipline and supply lines, one who inspires without demanding devotion in her men, and one whose men behave with uncommon scruple. It is also said she has made a few public speeches as her men march in to otherwise sleepy and quiet areas and has been well-received.


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