Alice was born a noble Lady of a great house in Lyonesse. While she was still a child the Deluge came and took every thing from her. Her parents died, leaving her as the oldest of four sisters. Most of the land they had was wiped out, leaving only a small piece in the highlands.

It was at this young age that she began to train as a knight, and learned to fight. So that she could defend what little land she had left, and most importantly, to protect her sisters. She was the oldest, and so it was her duty to protect, she was the head of the house while still a girl herself.

Over the years as she became a strong warrior, she developed a hatred for the undead. The creepy, mocking faces of the unnaturally walking dead stirred something within her. They were abomination in every way. Because of this she swore a vow to slay any and all undead creatures she finds.

Over the long years since the Deluge, the borders of her land has change often due to disputes, and merging with other small land owners. Though recently there has been a surge, as other noble families finally decided to come together, to form a new grand empire, with Alice the Queen of this new land, Akaden

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