Albion is a kingdom in Lyonesse, one of those that sank during the Deluge. At the time of the flood it was ruled by King Alain, with a Rebman named Branwyn as his queen. After the flood the king disappeared, while his wife and daughter, Gwendolyn, managed to escape.

Albion was raised from the sea by a wizard named Aegrin, at great sacrifice, and with magic that can only be described as evil. The land was claimed by zombies, the undead of Albion.

Gwendolyn's uncle, an eccentric druid known as Myrddyn, has emerged from hiding claiming he desires to purge the taint of Aegrin's evil magic from the land.

Ultimately, Albion was conquered by two parties: the forces of the Black Dame, Igraine, and her allies occupy the north, and those of the Order of the Graal occupy the south. Igraine was later crowned Queen of Albion in a ceremony contested by some.

The Black Fortress of Albion has been built in the forest between Corin, Ceannlaidir, Wealde and Castle Albion. This was the site of the great battle where Queen Igraine drove out the invading armies of Alice of Akaden.

A temple has been built between Castle Albion and the Black Fortress in honor of the fire goddess, Kallyn, who helped the Queen to defeat the invading armies and drive them from Albion's shores. The Queen has declared her a patron goddess of Albion.

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