Adventure Hooks

There are many possibilities for storytelling to be found within the Lyonesse prop. Here are some one might find interesting:

  • The lands remaining battle for resources, and occasionally one another. Tension between neighbours is often high.
  • Not all refugees ended up within New Lyonesse. Some can be found across shadow. Others are huddled into what remains of Lyonesse, often at the cost of those who hold claim over the lands.
  • Knights of the Graal pursue the quest perilous all across shadow, and with the right timing might be found nearly anywhere. However, the Order is diminished from what it once was. Can it be rebuilt to its former glory, and beyond?
  • Likewise, the Black Knights pursue their nefarious schemes nearly as ubiquitously.
  • The people of Lyonesse need land, and resources. Is there some place they can call home? If not, is there a way to save what home remains? Marazion is one potential solution that has been created.
  • The seas of Lyonesse hold many secrets: relics, histories, magics and dark seething mystery. The waves are not safe, but they are ripe for those with the fortitude and courage to overcome such obstacles.
  • No one knows the reason for Lyonesse's sinking for certain. Can it be reversed? Is there a cause to be discovered? Will the land ever return to its former glory?
  • Albion has been torn asunder by conflict, in the wake of an undead infestation. Will it ever be reuinted as one?
  • Legends of the Chromatic Order have emerged. Who will pursue these whispers of the past into Lyonesse's future?
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